Monochrome 2


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Victoria Umansky's work as a young designer is centred around style, quality, luxury and sustainability.

This elegant monochrome geometric print cushion brings a sense of stylish comfort to any room. With a tangible richness in quality and contemporary fluorescent accents, the collection is influenced by fine art. Every print is hand pulled or hand painted silkscreen print and the piped finish is hand-printed to achieve the right tones. A mixture of hand cut and traditional stencil work results in a collection where prints are unique and every individual item becomes a piece of art in itself.

Every print and cushion is slightly different and individual.

P&P: £10.95 (UK only)

Dimensions: H40cm / W40cm

Fabric: Hemp Linen front, Hemp Herringbone back, Organic Cotton Muslin piping. Includes a plump hollow fibre cushion pad.

Made in London, UK

© Victoria Umansky 2016